Our consultants are fully-accredited and registered Clinical Psychologists with advanced Clinical Psychology training as well as strong experience in a wide-array of counselling settings. Additionally, consultants have held lecturing positions at various Universities, and have presented at conferences, as well as publishing several items in the field of psychological health.

Our lead consultant, Mr. Richard Syrkiewicz, is a clinically trained fully-registered Clinical Psychologist as well as being the Practice Principal & Owner of Perth Counselling & Clinical Psychology (George Burns & Associates), and lead clinical hypnotherapist with Hypnosis WA (The Hypnotherapy Centre of Western Australia) aspects of the Practice.

Richard’s private practice experience focuses upon the provision of evidence-based psychotherapies, including, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Inter-Personal Therapy (IPT), Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy (SFCT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Relationship Therapy, Mindfulness focused relaxation, as well as Ericksonian Clinical Hypnotherapy and self-awareness strategies with integration of many more leading evidence-based interventions.

His therapy approach is both intra- and inter-personal, holistic, and integrative of western and eastern views or philosophies on the human condition. He aims to provide a genuine, accepting, and validating approach within therapy directed towards enhancing quality of life.

Richard holds a Master of Clinical Psychology with a thesis focusing on depression, long-term patterns of emotional difficulties, and existential concerns whilst integrating eastern and western philosophies. He also holds two Honours Degrees, three Bachelors Degrees, and two Graduate Diplomas. He has held various lecturing positions within Perth Universities since 1995 and has engaged in varied research projects concerning financial well-being and cognitive functioning of older-adult Australians.

He has written a book on Multi-Dimensional Locus of Control (MLOC) of Older-Adults and his work has been published in several countries. Additionally, he has contributed to several conference presentations and proceedings, together with a review of Professor Martin Seligman’s masterful positive psychological approach for Psychotherapy.Net

Richard has gained clinical experience across both public and private health settings, working with adolescents and adults in many crisis agencies, substance abuse services, and Lifeline W.A.

Additionally, the inclusion of aspects of theology and philosophy, as well as meditation guidance from a Buddhist perspective can also be provided.

Overall, our Psychologists offer friendly, non-judgmental, evidence-based approaches to assist people to move toward their desired goals in a positive and practical way via a warm and accepting environment to improve quality of life.

At your first appointment we aim to understand what has been troubling you, and how you wish to move forward; we also assess what has been creating and sustaining your current difficulties, what you have done so far to try to manage them, and how you see life free of them.

You will be offered practical, evidence-based strategies to begin to make the changes you want to reach your goals.

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