Clinical Hypnotherapy Topic Recordings

A total of 50-recordings of focussed Clinical Hypnotherapy session topics are available in 24-hour download enabled folders.

When making a selection you will find 10-other recommended (in order of probable assistance) topics that are listed to improve the probability of well-being maximized results. Each session download includes 2-files/tracks; both a .MP3 and a .WAV file.

These are the same in-length & exact wording – they just differ in memory size of saving, as the .WAV file has additional depth, or sound quality/ambience, that some audio-speakers will provide.

You can download these to your preferred device and then listened to at a time and place of your choosing; for most people the early morning just after-waking, the midday lunch-break after eating, or evening before-sleep seem most beneficial.

There is also a bulk/group-buying discount if purchasing recorded-topics as a 3-topic download. Pricing options include: a single, 1-item, session-topic recorded in both .MP3 and .WAV formats utilising full Sound Studio resources is available for $45 AUD (ex.GST); 2-items for $80 AUD (ex.GST); and, 3-items for $100 AUD (ex.GST).

These prices are simply designed to recover production costs, and priced as within the Practice for patients that have attended sessions in-person, and wished to utilize Clinical Hypnotherapy session-topic recordings to help reach their goals.

I hope you will find these beneficial in your life’s journey toward maximizing your well-being.

My kind regards,

Richard Syrkiewicz.

(Specialist Clinical Psychologist & Ericksonian Clinical Hypnotherapist).